Shae, ACE CPT, Sports Nutrition Specialist, and Certified Pilates Instructor unexpectedly found her passion for fitness while getting in shape for band camp with her friends in college. Since then, she has delved into all manners in which you can move your body, including Pilates, weight-lifting, dance, acro yoga, gymnastics, contortion, mixed martial arts, and stunts.


Having worked with esteemed actors, athletes, models, and business executives, Shae has developed an immense passion for helping committed individuals achieve their ultimate fitness goal, whether it be attaining an aesthetic ideal or achieving something they never thought their body could be capable of.


When you work with Shae, you are not just working with one trainer but with a team. Every week, Shae and Lalo discuss the progress of each client and their program design for the upcoming week. You'll have two minds working together to achieve your fitness goals. 


Shae is fluent in Spanish and English.