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Lalo Fuentes, CSCS, a Los Angeles personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach who has developed his very own “Freeze” technique and inspires clients with his consistent message, “take a second to connect.” Fuentes is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS) and has more than 23 years of fitness and personal training experience. Also, with training from New York’s Institute of Culinary Education, Fuentes provides one-on-one coaching on how to choose and prepare healthy and nutritious meals. His nutritional guidance and innovative training techniques ensure fast results for anyone seeking a more enjoyable and healthy way of life. Fuentes’ clients include a mix of celebrities, professional athletes, musicians, fashion models, students, political figures, corporate professionals and women before, during and after their pregnancy. Fuentes stresses that anyone can reach his or her fitness goals through a comprehensive, long-term program.

Fuentes is one of the most sought-after and recognized health and wellness professionals in the fitness industry. Acknowledging his groundbreaking and motivational expertise, various notable magazines including SHAPE, Self, Oxygen, Family Circle, Men's Fitness, Clean Eating and InTouch have featured Fuentes as an accomplished and highly sought after fitness expert along with books, CNN, documentaries and Radio shows. Most recently, Fuentes’ work and advice have been featured in the book A Real Guide to Getting it Together Once and for All collectively with spiritual coach Deepak Chopra and finance expert Zac Bissonnette. Fuentes’ fitness DVD, LALOFIT – which Shape magazine described as “a workout you’ll look forward to” – builds on his freeze technique through a combination of cardio and strength training exercises that teach viewers to connect their minds to their muscles to maximize results.

Lalo was also the co-developer of a natural energy drink that increases energy and metabolism utilizing Maca, an ancient Peruvian superfood free of sugar and caffeine. In 2013 he sold his shares of the company and
 started perusing his passion for sailing and traveling.

Fuentes is a graduate of the University of Florida with BS degrees in Finance and Advertising. In addition to his educational pursuits, he always had a keen interest in health and wellness. Furthermore, aside from fitness, Fuentes is also passionate about travel photography.

Lalo is a native of Peru and is fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian (intermediate).

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