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We started out adventure in Athens dining at a rooftop overlooking the Acropolis. The very next day, we set sail aboard our 45ft Catamaran heading towards Kea island where we had a fantastic dinner and a few Masticha drinks to celebrate our first day at the sea. 
We visited astonishing islands around the Aegean Sea, swam in crystal clear waters, dined excellent seafood and enjoyed the warm welcoming that Greeks are known for. 
Our group left the trip with new friendships on board and with local people. Some continue their journey towards the one of a kind island of Santorini, and others got invited to a wedding in Paros island. All in all, our few days in Greece left our hearts and senses overwhelmed by the experience

Yes Escape Greece Yacht-Week-0159_edited_edited.jpg
Yes Escape Greece Yacht-Week-0147_edited.jpg
Yes Escape Paros Greece Yacht Week2_edited_edited.jpg
Yes Escape Greece Yacht-Week-0071_edited.jpg
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