Personal Training begins with a consultation & guided workout suited to your specific goals. This Wellness Assessment includes:

  • Discussion of goals and expectations

  • Health history and orthopedic injury assessment

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Body fat & bone density measurement via DXA scan.

  • Postural and structural evaluation

  • Core assessment

  • Motor skills assessment

  • Upper and lower body evaluation


Wellness Assessment (2 hours) Total: $395*


*Wellness assessment fee is waived with the purchase of 12, 24, or 36 sessions.

Training Packages


1 Session                                             $170/Session                             Total: $170

12 Sessions                                         $160/Session                             Total: $1,920
24 Sessions                                        $150/Session                             Total: $3,600
36 Sessions                                        $130/Session                             Total: $4,680


1 Session                                             $300/Session                            Total: $300

12 Sessions                                         $280/Session                             Total: $3,360
24 Sessions                                        $260/Session                             Total: $6,240
36 Sessions                                        $240/Session                             Total: $8,640

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Personal training rates for our West Hollywood studio and house calls within a 10-mile radius of the studio. Additional charges will apply for travel distance over 10 miles from the studio.

Sessions (1-Hour)

We Make Fitness Fun


Going on vacation and want to stay in shape? Have unique fitness needs while you travel? Maybe you are getting prepared for a movie roll and need to get in shape? We offer full-service fitness training on the go for you and everyone in your family, or entourage (up to four people).

Included in your package, we will be at your side as much as you want or need. We are your concierge for booking activities, treatments, or special events, preparing healthy meals to keep you properly fueled, showing you new ways to make nutritious foods that will keep you healthy and happy, and finally, he can take care of those little details for you while you are busy working or playing.

Relax. Don’t worry about a thing. We will be there every step of the way, checking your progress, updating your targets, tweaking your workouts, selecting your food, checking your diet, and keeping you on time and energized for your work, play, activities or events.

Most of all, if you have any small or large request somewhere in between, like an activity that you get inspired to do, we will take care of that too. This is not your typical type of fitness session, where a trainer just gives you some things to do and then sits around until the next appointment. You will be fully supported the entire time while you enjoy your travel experience.

Daily Rate

Shae- $850

Lalo-  $1,400


* Client pays for travel expenses.

Personalized Service

Our extended service delivers a customized eating and exercise plan that is centered around your lifestyle goals. As gourmet chefs, nutrition experts and personal trainers, Shae and Lalo offer a convenient package of services designed to elevate your health, energy and level of fitness.

Enjoy deliciously, healthy meals and portion-controlled snacks, prepared with fresh ingredients and inspired by Lalo’s travels around the world and Shae's vegetarian expertise. We take care of the shopping, cooking, and nutrition, allowing you to relax and enjoy a flavorful meal that is customized to your personal tastes and health needs. Using high-quality ingredients like organic, local produce and sustainable meats, we prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and tomorrow’s meals as well.


You’ll also enjoy an exercise program that is created just for you, with workouts and activities tailored to your fitness level and goals. As expert personal trainers, we will help you discover what exercises benefit your body the most. You’ll have hands-on workouts throughout the day that will keep you motivated and energized.


Catered to your lifestyle, health, and goals, our customized concierge services will take your fitness and nutrition to the next level. Dedicate your day to a holistic health plan, and discover the benefits of a personalized package of services.


Daily Rate (8-9 hour day): 

Shae - $950

Lalo -  $1,650