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Road tripping through Peru on a 1,500-mile journey, we traveled from sand dunes to scenic beaches to towering volcanoes and beyond. We drove down roads not traveled by tourists (or locals in some cases), exploring the rich beauty of this amazing country far away from the beaten path.

Peru is a magical destination with numerous cultures, outstanding cuisine, rich archaeological sites and incredible wildlife.​ We visited villages with a backdrop of the snowcapped Andes Mountains, a stunning setting for the brightly colored textiles and the cool Incan stonework. We brought school supplies for the local children, giving back to the small communities and connecting on a profound level.


Our group had a blast on the trip, and many of us made friends for life. We bonded on the open road, along the shores of the highest lake in the world and at one of the most iconic destinations of all: Machu Picchu.

Everyone was touched by the warmth of the Peruvian people and the deep history of the land; especially me, for I spent my childhood living there. With no set itinerary, this free-spirited journey was an immersive experience – a true adventure into the unknown. Life is about creating unforgettable experiences anything like that before! The amount of sea creatures of all colors and at a short dive reach blew my mind! The picture down the water was so incredible that sometimes I had to remind myself it all was a Nature’s realm and not a Disneyland.

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