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Get Fit Now


This program is the perfect way to achieve a healthier body. You will have direct contact with Lalo no matter where you live. For what it would cost you to buy one Latte a day, you can get a healthier, hotter you. Lalo’s goal is to make it affordable enough so that anybody with the desire to become fit inside and out can join.


Beginning with a 30-minute initiation phone call, Lalo will assess your fitness level and diet, and get a clear picture of your goals so as to create the perfect plan unique to you. Lalo will work one-on-one with you on a daily basis to make sure you make the right food intake decisions. Every day, you’ll send Lalo a detailed description of what you eat, and he will respond via e-mail with feedback and suggestions. “The best way to teach you how to have a well-balanced diet is by tweaking your existing one – that way at the end of the day, your meals are still familiar to you, but on an upgraded version.”

First Week: $175

Following Weeks: $149


This is the perfect package for somebody who wants to see fast results as it combines the nutrition and fitness coaching programs above.

First Week: $299

Following Weeks: $249

Because of the personalized nature of Lalo’s Online Coaching service, we will only be considering 15 people at a time.


You will receive both LaloFit DVD’s followed by a 30-minute initial call. During that call, you and Lalo will discuss your fitness goals and expectations. Once you get started with the workouts, you and Lalo will have a 10-minute phone call every day to assess where you are at to ensure the workouts are tailored specifically to you.

First Week: $175

Following Weeks: $150

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