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Slimming Down For The Gown

bridal fitness

No other moment defines the wedding planning experience quite like trying on gowns for the first time. When you slip on that white confection of a dress, you instantly transform from a fiancé to a bride. It’s an emotional, joy-filled moment. But, it can also be a serious reality check. With bare backs and figure-hugging silhouettes, today’s hottest wedding dress styles don’t do much to hide flaws. Since the big day will be preserved in photography for a lifetime, and a roomful of your nearest and dearest will be staring at your rump while you take your vows, many brides find they want to slim down for the gown.

Start Early

Love might be a miracle, but weight loss is not. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for healthy, long-lasting weight loss. While extreme diets may allow you to drop pounds fast, that weight will often boomerang back, leaving you unsure of how your dress will fit on the big day. Instead, Los Angeles personal trainer Lalo Fuentes, CSCS recommends hiring a trainer four months ahead of your wedding. This will allow time for your body to respond to your new fitness and nutrition strategies. Even better, starting early allows plenty of time for dress alterations.

Commit to the Plan

You’d never dream of skipping a meeting with your florist, photographer or DJ. Time with your wedding planner is certainly inked in on your calendar as a can’t-miss appointment. But, in the hustle and bustle of planning your celebration, it seems easy to skip a workout. Whether it’s a scheduled workout with your personal trainer, a strength training session at the gym or your morning yoga routine in your living room, treat fitness as a scheduled appointment that can not be skipped. Your commitment will pay off in a slimmer, more toned body and a dress that fits better. Plus, exercise will release endorphins that can help combat wedding-planning stress.

Target Your Workout

Taking off a few pounds can go a long way towards making your dress fit better, and allowing you to feel more confident as you walk down the aisle. But, losing weight is also a vague goal. Instead, work with a personal trainer to design your workout around your dream dress. You might want toned shoulders for your strapless gown, or lean legs for your short dress. Maybe you need to whittle your waist to make the most of a classic ball gown or tighten your abs to look fab in your A-line dress. Targeting your working can help you achieve the results that will make the most impact on the way look and feel on your wedding day. Plus, focusing on tightening and toning specific areas can help make the most of your time if you are starting your fitness routine closer to your wedding date.

Beyond the Workout

According to Fuentes, getting in shape for your wedding goes beyond working out. Nutrition also plays a vital role in your overall health and well-being. Eating clean gives you a healthy glow that will radiate on your wedding day. A balance of lean proteins, fiber, simple carbohydrates and healthy fats will also deliver the energy you need to fuel your workouts and power you through the wedding planning process.

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