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How to Stay Fit on Your Honeymoon

Let’s be honest… many brides look forward to the ultimate romantic getaway more than the wedding or reception. And why not? The honeymoon is a time for relaxing with your new partner, exploring new places together and recovering from the stress of wedding planning. But, it’s also time for fitness. After all your hard work to slim down for the gown, the last thing you want to do is set back your progress by overindulging in cocktails and food or skipping workouts. Bringing your personal trainer along on your honeymoon is a sure-fire way to keep your fitness routine on track, but that might be the worst three’s-a-crowd situation ever. Instead, you’ll need a few strategies for staying fit on your honeymoon.

fit honeymoon

Make fitness fun

Who says fitness can only happen in a gym? Lalo Fuentes, CSCS says, “Fitness isn’t just about traditional exercises. There are opportunities to work your muscles everywhere. The best way to stay in shape while traveling is to plan your activities around your fitness goals.”

When planning your itinerary, skip tour buses and opt for activities that get you moving. Take in the local scenery while hiking, take a surfing lesson, rent a stand-up paddleboard or play a round of golf. Trying out a new, healthy activity is an excellent way to create romantic memories while infusing your trip with fitness.

If sightseeing is on the agenda, most cities offer free walking tours. Download an app to your phone and then hit the streets to see all the sites while getting in plenty of cardio.

Plan ahead with your personal trainer

If you’ll be missing a few sessions with your personal fitness coach, work with them in advance to work out a plan for an on-the-go fitness routine. Book a hotel with a gym or fitness center and then talk with your trainer about how to make the most of the available equipment.

No gym on site? No problem? Pack a jump rope for a bit of in-room cardio and work with your personal trainer to design an in-room fitness plan. By combining squats, pushups, lunges, planks and a variety of other no-equipment-needed movements, you can get an intense workout that will carry you through until you get back to your normal routine.

Stock up on healthy foods, and indulge a bit

Candlelit dinners, sampling the local cuisine and indulging in food and drinks is part of every honeymoon. After all, you’ll be back in your kitchen soon enough.

Los Angeles personal trainer Lalo Fuentes recommends, “the occasional indulgence or treat is ok, as long as it fits in your ongoing nutritional plan.” Rather than letting your honeymoon turn into a week-long food fest, plan ahead for a few treats and prepare to eat healthy the majority of the time.

A stop at a farmer’s market or produce stand is an excellent way to experience the local flavors. Fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables are a healthier option than a stop at the ice cream stand or bakery, and it will make a special honeymoon memory.

Stock up on healthy, protein-loaded snacks and drink lots of water. Staying full, satisfied and hydrated will fuel your honeymoon activities and curb cravings.

To start the morning off right, skip the continental breakfast offered at most hotels. They might be included in the price of your stay but they are usually full of pastries and carbohydrates. Plus, the lackluster flavors will just leave you wanting something else. Instead, opt for Greek yogurt, fresh fruit and a handful of nuts for a filling breakfast that will provide ample energy for your adventures.

Make fitness part of your relationship

Fuentes, CSCS shares, “A honeymoon and new marriage can be tricky because there is a disruption in your routine. Instead of letting the life change derail your fitness goals, make it a part of your relationship. By working out and eating well on your honeymoon, you set those things as priorities in your marriage, and it is easier to carry them into your routine back home.”

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