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The Importance of Wellness in Your Fitness Plan

Fitness is on everyone’s mind. Looking and feeling good is something many people strive for, but one very important this is overlooked by many people in their quest to be healthy: wellness. What is wellness, and how does it work into your fitness plan?

Wellness Defined

Wellness is defined by Los Angeles personal trainer Lalo Fuentes as “a state of optimal health and vitality, encompassing a person’s emotional, physical, intellectual, and social well-being.”

Many people understand the importance of physical health, but not of wellness. The truth of the matter is that a person won’t truly attain ideal health until they grasp the importance of taking care of themselves emotionally, mentally, and even socially. Wellness is meant to enhance your quality of life, spurring personal growth and increasing your potential!

Your Lifestyle Choices

Every single person makes choices that influence their overall health and wellness, though some choices are better than others. If you make good lifestyle choices that are based on maximizing your quality of life, then you’re improving your health right along with your wellness! Good choices help people to stay strong, fit and maintain mental and physical health for their entire lives. So, think about the lifestyle choices you make and consider if they’re truly contributing to better health and wellness for you.

The Components of Wellness

There are four main areas of wellness that you should endeavor to work on. They are:

  • Exercise – Obesity rates are on the rise and exercise seems to have become devalued in society as a whole. But regular exercise will improve your health, reduce your stress, and boost your mood naturally. You should create weekly exercise goals and work in some sort of physical exercise daily.

  • Nutrition – Nutrition can be overwhelming to some people, but it’s really very easy to make small changes that will have a big impact. Try working with a personal trainer to tailor a nutrition program that works for your lifestyle and is easy to maintain.

  • Rest and Relaxation – In a world that is so fast-paced, taking the time to slow down is essential. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep at night and that you work moments into your day where your mind can rest. Read a book or pick up an adult coloring book – anything that can help you relax your mind and get centered. Going out with friends and being social will also do wonders for your mental health and rejuvenation.

Put Wellness to Work for You

The key to putting all this together is to create a daily wellness routine. It has to simple and flexible so you are more likely to stick to it, even in the midst of a hectic and busy schedule. You need to remember to give yourself a break, too. Your wellness plan shouldn’t add stress to your life but make it better. As fitness expert Lalo Fuentes, CSCS, says, “If you expect perfection, then you are more likely to put it off until – so be kind to yourself and allow for mistakes to be made. The journey is as important as the destination.”

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