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Wedding Fitness for the Groom-To-Be

There’s no doubt that the bride gets a lot of attention on the wedding day. But it’s the groom’s day too! If you’re a soon-to-be groom and you’re feeling a little left out, then take control of your wedding day by getting in shape. Here are a few tips from Los Angeles personal trainer Lalo Fuentes, CSCS, to get you in great shape for your big day – they’ll help you look great in that tux too!

Eat Well

Part of caring for yourself and looking your best on your wedding day requires that you eat well. By eating well, that doesn’t mean you go get yourself a porterhouse steak every night for dinner (even if that would be delicious). What it does mean is that you cut out highly processed and convenience food and go for the good stuff.

You need to make sure you’re eating a healthy and well-balanced diet that has plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. This will help to fuel your body right and help you to feel your best every single day. If you need help devising a healthy eating plan, then bring a trainer just like Lalo Fuentes on board. Experienced personal trainers just like him tailor personalized plans to help people achieve their goals and reach their potential.


To get in the best shape of your life for your wedding day, you have to plan in advance. Maybe even before you pop the big question (or right after you do!) you should begin strength training and cardio in order to look your best. Building muscle takes time, after all.

You need to figure out what your goals are and how to get there, which is where personal trainers come in handy! They can do an analysis of your body composition and devise a plan to help get you where you want to be with body fat and muscle. As Lalo Fuentes, CSCS says, “You can be successful and reach your goals as long as you’re committed and willing to stick to them – which is great practice for marriage!”

Start a Sleep Schedule

Eating right and exercising is important, but so is the quality of your sleep. Your well-being and health depend on getting enough sleep every night – you can’t just play catch up on the weekends. So, make sure you go to bed and wake up at around the same time every day. Even if this means your movie marathons have to be cut short, it’ll be worth it on the day you walk down the aisle.

How much sleep should you be getting?

The Mayo Clinic says that adults should be getting between 7 and 9 hours a night. That doesn’t mean time in bed, it means time actually asleep! You should get on this schedule at least one month before your wedding, if not sooner.

If you need help meeting your goals for your big day, don’t forget that personal trainers just like Los Angeles’ own Lalo Fuentes are here to help!

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