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Are Fitness Trackers Better Than Personal Trainers?

Buying and using new gadgets is just fun. Gadgets assuage our obsession with information in real time. That’s probably why you see so many people walking about with fitness trackers these days – and good for them! It’s always important for people to be concerned for their overall health and wellness and to pay attention to it – which is precisely what fitness trackers help millions of people all over the world to do. But the real question is: Do fitness trackers help people reach their health goals better than a flesh and blood personal trainer?


One of the best things about a Los Angeles personal trainer is the accountability they offer you when it comes to your workouts. A fitness tracker isn’t going to call you when you don’t show up at the gym for your scheduled sweat session. A tracker also isn’t going to push you to keep going when you’re tired and not to give up on your workout because you’re pushing yourself harder than you ever have. If you want results and know yourself well enough to know you need help, then a personal trainer will win out over a device any day of the week. A fitness tracker is merely a tool, but a personal trainer is a motivation.


When you work with a personal trainer, such as Lalo Fuentes, CSCS, they provide you with a foundation of consistency. You have a schedule to follow, workouts that vary in routines and intensity that are prescribed for you. They’ll help you reach your long-term goals while your fitness tracker collects dust in on top of your dresser!


Perhaps one of the best things about personal trainers is that they have knowledge. If you have a question or concern about a part of your fitness routine, they can answer it. You won’t find that in a fitness tracker nor is Google of that much help in finding an answer you can rely on.

“Personal trainers worth their salt will have credentials that prove to you they know what they’re talking about,” says Lalo Fuentes, CSCS. That fitness tracker may have a name brand behind it, but it’s not a reliable source of information like a real person is!

Injury Prevention

Proper form during exercise is almost as important as the exercise itself. If you’re not doing it the right way, with correct form, then not only are you not getting the full benefit of the exercise, you’re also risking injury. A fitness tracker cannot help with form in any way – a hands on personal trainer can!


When working with a Los Angeles personal trainer it’s not always going to be puppy dogs and rainbows. At first, they may be tough on your for your own good. But in the end, your trainer provides you with encouragement. They’re invested in your goals and helping you to meet them and that gives your confidence the boost it needs to carry you through tough times. Plus, it’ll help you to stay motivated. A hunk of plastic on your wrist won’t do that!

Of course, buying and wearing a fitness tracker isn’t a bad thing – it’s simply something you must realize will not replace a personal trainer to help you meet your fitness goals!

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