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Eating Healthy on a Budget

If you think just because your bank account isn’t overflowing doesn’t mean you can’t eat fresh, healthy food, you’re wrong! It is possible to eat seasonal, fresh, and healthy when you’re on a tight budget. Eating well is an important part of your overall health and wellness. Constantly eating highly processed and convenient food won’t just drain your bank account, it’ll drain your energy, health, and well-being too! Here are some tips to help you eat healthy on a budget!

Plan Ahead

Los Angeles personal trainer Lalo Fuentes says that one of the best things you can do to keep your diet healthy is to plan ahead. “When you’re tired and on your way home from work or the gym, the last thing you want to do is cook,” Fuentes says, “but if you have things prepped and ready to go ahead of time, then you’re more likely to eat what is waiting in your fridge.”

Before you head to the grocery store for the week, sit down and make a plan for the meals you will prepare. Try to create a plan that includes healthy foods you can prep ahead of time and cook in large batches such as soup, stir-fry, or casseroles. This is a great way to stretch your food buck too, since you get more portions from just one recipe.

Buy in Bulk

It’s almost always cheaper to buy foods in bulk and you might be surprised at all the healthy options out there. Legumes and grains can be found in most bulk sections at the grocery store and they’re a great, inexpensive source of protein for your shopping list. You can also buy frozen vegetables (without any sauce), a bag of sweet potatoes, and fish in large quantities to store in your freezer if you have the space.

Buy Foods in Season

When you buy foods that are in season you will probably find they are less expensive. That’s because it costs less to get local, seasonal ingredients to the store for you to buy. They also happen to be at their peak freshness, delivering important vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy and vital. Many of the top Los Angeles personal trainers recommend incorporating seasonal produce into your diet as much as possible.

Get Back to Basics

Convenience foods are terrible for your health and your wallet. Frozen dinners and instant foods are highly processed and more expensive. So, spare your health and your bank account by taking time in your schedule to create your own foods for convenience. Eating well on a budget is totally possible. You don’t have to be a financial wizard to get it done; you simply need to think a bit about the foods you’re eating and how you can get them at a more reasonable cost. Your Los Angeles personal trainer is a great resource for healthy recipes and tips to keep you well fed without shrinking your wallet!

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