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Achieving the Impossible: Building a Body Like Thor

Becoming a cinematic superhero is arguably one of the toughest jobs in the film industry. Aside from handling the overwhelming pressures of fame and fortune, these well-known thespians have their work cut out for them even before they study a script or step in front of the camera. From the drastic change in psychological perspective to transforming their physical appearance to put forward an effective and convincing portrayal, there is an unquestionable sense of commitment and sacrifice that goes into bringing life to every character. Chris Hemsworth’s role as Thor is good example of the lengths that actors have to go to in order to get into superhero shape. In this post we look at how you can achieve a body like Thor. But be warned, it’s no easy task.

Don't Forget The Classics When you think of Thor, you immediately picture a presence that evokes both awe and admiration. From Thor: The Dark World to other Marvel flicks in between, Hemsworth has consistently managed to do just that and you can credit this to his commitment to looking and living the part. Although he’d be the first to say that the road to being ripped is no walk in the park. Hitting your fitness goals isn’t, by any means, a solo journey. As we’ve previously discussed on a LaloFitness article, receiving help from a personal trainer can help you attain your gym objectives and bust past plateaus. It isn’t surprising to note that Hemsworth did the same. With the help of former Navy SEAL and trainer Duffy Gaver, Hemsworth managed to gain 20 pounds of indomitable mass and muscle for both The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World. Through Gaver’s guidance, Hemsworth followed the tenets of traditional body-building. This included incorporating dynamic exercises like classic pull ups, standard pushups, back squats, and dumbbell rows into a workout schedule to achieve bulging biceps and super-sized shoulders. Dare to Try New Things While sticking to a conventional training program translated well for Hemsworth, he also admits that always keeping an open mind and exploring other fitness methods can result in even more positive outcomes for your physique. In an interview with Men’s Health, Hemsworth notes that he didn’t limit himself to just traditional weightlifting in preparation for his most famous role yet. To prioritize flexibility, agility, and even core strength, Hemsworth opted to push his fitness threshold by taking up sports that included boxing, Muay Thai, surfing, and even yoga. Aside from upping the ante from a keeping-fit standpoint, Hemsworth also focused on turning his weakness into strengths by addressing areas of his body that required more work, even if it caused him pain and discomfort at first. For the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok the third installment of the series, we expect Hemsworth to have taken his fitness routines to even greater heights.

Eat Smart Just like any machine, the body needs the right fuel in order to reap the optimal results. Hemsworth is no stranger to this and he isn’t known to take shortcuts either. According to Gaver, while people may speculate and even believe that Hemsworth used performance-enhancing substances to create larger-than-life bulk for the silver screen, they kept the nutrition plan simple and straightforward. It was founded on eating clean and sticking to red meat and protein powder. Legacy On Hemsworth’s shoulders rests a daunting responsibility to play one of the Marvel franchise’s most important and beloved superheroes. It’s undeniable just how the Nordic god of thunder has left an imprint on pop culture. Beyond the comic book realm, Thor and Norse mythology has inspired edgier and more groundbreaking fantasy-drama shows like Game of Thrones. Such is Thor’s thunderous cultural impact that it can be felt across multiple entertainment platforms. The Slingo slot game Thunderstruck uses elements that will be familiar to players whether they are fans of the Marvel version or the classical depiction of Thor. The character’s long history has made him one of the most recognizable demi-gods in fiction. The appeal of Thor stays the same whether he is depicted on the silver screen, fighting in the pages of comics, or inspiring online gamers to be daring. That’s why when it comes to fitting the bill, Hemsworth realizes that it takes more than just the long bleach blonde hair, the armor, and even the hammer to bring the myth of Thor to life.

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