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How to Get the Results You Want From Your Workout

The hard truth about exercise is that to be successful at it, you have to master the fundamentals – the basics. Exercise science is constantly changing, but some truths stand the test of time. You may not want to believe that the answer to meeting your fitness goals and getting the results you want is so simple, but it is. When you work with your Los Angeles personal trainer to master these basics, then you’ll get where you want to go.

You Have to Commit

When you start working out with a personal trainer, you likely have at least one (if not more) short-term goal in mind. But you should probably take a step back and look a bit further ahead. According to Los Angeles personal trainer Lalo Fuentes, CSCS, you have to look at your health as a lifelong commitment, not something you do until you lose 40 pounds or run a 5k. He says, “Your goal must not be to squat twice your body weight or PR in next month’s race – it has to be about being the person who doesn’t miss a workout and continues to get better with each passing year.”

Short-term results should be celebrated, but good health is a process and the results will come no matter what. Healthy living is normal – you’re not extraordinary for doing it!

Have a Schedule

You must set a schedule for your exercise plan. You can’t just hit the gym when you’re feeling inspired or motivated because that may not happen as often as it should! When you make a commitment to health and you utilize the services of a Los Angeles personal trainer, you will have regularly scheduled workouts that will get you the results you want. Exercise isn’t something you should do when you feel like it or when it’s convenient. It’s something you do because you’ve made a commitment to yourself that you’re going to do it.

There’s always going to be emergencies or illnesses that keep you from the gym, but when you have a schedule you abide by, that one missed session is a lot less likely to turn into an entire missed month!

Work on Slow Progress

Part of the benefits of having a personal trainer is that they will push you each week. You have to push yourself in order to make the kind of slow progress that will add up over time. When you go to the gym and do the same exercise routine each and every week, you’re not going to get stronger or healthier. You’ll likely plateau and become frustrated. With the help of a Los Angeles personal trainer like Lalo Fuentes, you’ll constantly be pushed toward a stronger, healthier you. Remember, to see progress, you have to progress.

Many people waste time debating the importance of supplements, trendy diet plans, or new workouts. The simple truth of the matter is that focusing on the simple concepts discussed here will get you the results you want to see – and make your Los Angeles personal trainer proud!

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