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The Most Common Strength Training Mistakes

Los Angeles personal trainer, Lalo Fuentes has probably seen every strength training mistake in the book – and made a few of their own along the way. With the help of your experienced personal trainer, you’re working on improving your health and your physique, but if you’re making a few simple mistakes on your own time, they may end up costing you in terms of strength gains. Here are some of the most common strength training mistakes you must avoid!

Not Building a Base

Would you build a house on a foundation made of sand? No! You must prepare your body to meet strength training goals by building a proper base. Follow a training routine that is tailored to your specific fitness level, otherwise, you may sink!

Avoiding Easy Workouts

You don’t have to go all out every time you work out – in fact, you shouldn’t. Easy training sessions are misunderstood by many people. According to personal trainer Lalo Fuentes, CSCS, “Taking it easy from time to time has several benefits to your health.” What kind of benefits? It can:

  • Encourage better energy storage and production in your body

  • Help you to metabolize fat as energy

  • Increase blood flow to working muscles

The fact of the matter is that having easy days and rest days are important to your overall health and can help reduce your chance of becoming injured. So don’t worry about taking it easy!

Skipping Recovery

Recovery is important to your progress and essential if you want to meet your strength training goals. That’s because recovery allows your body to adapt. Without it, the stress of intense training sessions may get the better of you, leading to injury. You can easily end up right back where you started if you don’t allow for proper recovery in your training schedule – something a personal trainer can help you with!

Dodging Hard Workouts

One of the benefits of working with a Los Angeles personal trainer is that you have someone to monitor and motivate you, including the intensity of your workout. Just as you need easy days, you need days that challenge you and take you to the next level, too. If you want to make improvements, you have to put the work in – it’s just that simple.

Using Incorrect Reps

Repetition is the cornerstone of strength training, but the reps you need will vary based on what muscle you’re working on and the exercises you’ve done before. Your Los Angeles personal trainer knows the right formula to help you get strength training results, so listen to what they’re telling you when it comes to reps and make sure to follow it!

Strength training is a pivotal part of a well-rounded exercise program, but if you’re making mistakes you’ll find you don’t get the results you want. You must not only understand where you want to go but how to get there successfully – let your personal trainer guide the way and the gains you want will surely follow!

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