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After the Wedding: Keep Up with Your Fitness Routine

Every couple wants their wedding day to not only be perfect but also the day when they are feeling their best. That’s why many hire a Los Angeles personal trainer leading up to the big day to help them hit the gym and reach their health and fitness goals. However, after the wedding, it’s usually a different story. The pressure is off and you’re happy and in love with your new spouse. That often leads to many well-intentioned couples falling off the fitness wagon. It’s important to keep fitness a part of your life as a couple moving forward. Here are some simple ways you can do that.

Work On Your Goals Together

To help you two stay motivated and moving forward, find a new goal together to work toward. A non-wedding related goal such as running a race, completing an online fitness challenge, or planning a vacation (where, you know, you’ll be in a swimsuit) will help you keep physical fitness a part of your daily lives. “Setting a new fitness goal together requires you to prepare physically for it,” says personal trainer Lalo Fuentes, CSCS, “so choose something you can do together that will help keep you motivated and keep reaching for new goals in your fitness plan.”

Cook Together

You love spending time with your new spouse, so make part of that time preparing healthy meals together. Focus on protein to aid you with your lean muscle mass, helping you to stay trim and toned. Plus, working together in the kitchen is a great relationship building exercise for any couple!

Find a New Hobby

A great way to get stronger and increase the strength of your relationship is to find a hobby you both enjoy. Some couples join a kayak club or a hiking club because it gives them time to hang out together without the stresses of everyday life getting in the way.

Keep Working with Your Personal Trainer

Just because the big day has come and gone doesn’t mean there aren’t new health and fitness horizons out there for you to conquer together. Working out at the gym together can be a really great experience for you both. Plus, it helps to lower stress and reduce your health risks as you grow old together. Because there’s no one else you can imagine rocking on your front porch with when you’re 80 than your spouse, right?

You’ve embarked on a new adventure in life with someone who is your best friend, your support system, and biggest cheerleader, which makes it easy to forget fitness and health goals while you simply bask in the happiness of being married. The newlywed year is a special one, but use that time to keep working with your Los Angeles personal trainer and set a tone of good health for the rest of your lives together. When you get back from your honeymoon, make time with your personal trainer a priority!

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