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Set Goals That Make Your Personal Training Business Stand Out

As a personal trainer, you understand the importance of goal setting. After all, it’s what you do with your clients to help them get where they want to be. So, ask yourself – where do you want your personal training business to go? I have found that setting goals for my personal training business helps me understand the broader picture of where I want to go and how I’m going to get there. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started!

What is Your Mission Statement?

Everyone knows that personal trainers are into physical fitness, so how do you separate yourself from the fitness crowd? One of the best ways to do that is a mission statement – the code you live by as a personal trainer that also influences the plan you have for your business. When you have a mission statement for your business, you can use it to help you evaluate your goals and achieve the outcomes you want. Learn more about how your mission statement can help you accomplish your goals in my new book Your Fitness Career.

Have the End Goal in Mind

You must understand what you want your long-term outcome to be, and then break that goal into smaller goals that all work toward helping you achieve your desired outcome. Sounds familiar, right? I hope so! Because that’s the strategy I use with a lot of my clients. Smaller goals help get you to larger ones.

Do Your Goals Serve Your Community?

Where you live should influence your personal training business goals. If you live in a large community, then you must design programs with a large client base in mind. For smaller communities, you must scale back programs to serve the community in which you live.

Are Your Goals Winners?

You should aim for each part of your business model to serve your clients, your staff (if you have any), and you as the business owner. So, when thinking of goals to set, make sure they are going to meet this standard.

Do the Math

Sometimes as a business owner, you get caught up in the excitement of new ideas, new equipment, or new facilities. Don’t lose that excitement but temper it with thoughts about how long a return on investments you make will pay off. Will it create more income for you in the long-term and is your personal training business able to support it?

Set New Goals

When you meet a goal, always remember to set a new one. This helps to keep the fine-tuned machine of your personal training business going and helps you to keep moving forward. Don’t get complacent and stop reaching for bigger goals.

Re-evaluate Your Goals

The world of fitness is constantly changing, so it’s important that goals you’re working toward stay current and help you stay ahead of the curve. From time to time, re-evaluate your goals and your business plan to help you have the kind of business you want.

When you’re excited about your business and motivated by your personal training business goals, it will show. Your clients will get excited about what you’re offering and you’ll feel inspired to keep reaching for more. Having solid goals will set you apart from the pack and help you find success.

Looking to become a successful trainer? Make it possible with my book. Your Fitness Career

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