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Things Your Personal Trainers Wishes You Didn't Do

Your Los Angeles personal trainer may seem superhuman at times, but they’re people too. Sure, they love sharing their fitness wisdom with you to help you reach your goals but don’t let that skew your perception. Because they’re human like the rest of us, there are a few things that can get under their skin. Here’s what you should never do in the eyes of your personal trainer because it could impact your success at the gym – and your health too.

Hold Back Important Information

OK, so it might be tough to own up to the fact that you take certain medications or have a health problem, but it’s information your Los Angeles personal trainer must know – for your safety and success. Even if your doctor has given you the green light for exercise, any present or past health information should be communicated to your personal trainer.

Lalo Fuentes, CSCS, says, “Medications can impact your heart rate, doing certain moves can make existing health conditions worse, and any prior surgeries or injuries can impact the workout your personal trainer prescribes. So, tell them all of it – the good, the bad, and the ugly!”

Remember, just as any other health care professional, trainers have to keep your health status confidential. It’s between the two of you, so there’s no reason not to be 100 percent honest.

Stretching the Truth (OK – Lying)

Speaking of being honest, you need to be. All the time. No exceptions.

Don’t lead your trainer on with information that isn’t true. If you had that extra glass of wine at dinner or skipped your circuit workout on Tuesday, just tell them. Your Los Angeles personal trainer gets it; they’ve probably skipped a workout or two in their day!

A good trainer will consistently modify your workout to fit you and your needs. If what they have planned for you isn’t a good fit, then lying about it isn’t going to help anybody. If you’re honest, then they can adapt your fitness plan. Remember, you’re paying your personal trainer for a service, so the only one being cheated out of anything is you if you’re not honest. Let them do their job by giving them all the facts!

Making Excuses

Everyone has bad days – and not everyone loves to exercise either. But once you commit to working with a Los Angeles personal trainer, you need to stop making excuses. If you miss a workout or indulge at a meal, that should be examined. Excuses only cloud the real facts of the situation. If you can’t discover why you’ve done something, then you can stop yourself from doing it again.

Think about it this way: Up until now, your excuses have been keeping you from reaching your full potential. It’s in your best interest to fess up and discuss why you did what you did it, then learn from it.

Your Los Angeles personal trainer is on your side. In fact, if you let them, then they’ll be your biggest fan. You just need to give them the tools they need to do their job the right way!

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