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Can You Run a Marathon?

There are a lot of people who think that they’d never go running for fun – something would have to be chasing them! But just ask any Los Angeles personal trainer and they’ll tell you that once you catch the running bug, you may start to dream of things you’ve never considered before. Some crazy person had to be the first to say “I think I’m going to climb Mount Everest” just as someone else said, “I think I’ll see how fast I can run 26.2 miles!” As you move through your fitness journey, you should always seek to challenge yourself. But the question remains: Can you run a marathon?

The Right Stuff

“Above all,” says Los Angeles personal trainer Lalo Fuentes, “training to run a marathon requires commitment. You may not be the fastest, but you can do it if set your mind to it and train for it right.” Sure, those Kenyans sure make it look easy when you’re watching a marathon on television and even Sean “Puffy” Combs ran the New York City marathon – so thinking you can do it is bound to run through your mind. The key: training.

Working with a personal trainer ensures you’re going about your training program right. After all, you’ve already committed to working on your fitness level with a trainer, so challenging yourself even more is to be expected. Just remember that running a marathon is something you need to build toward. There’s no universe where you can go from couch to 26.2 in six weeks. Gradually work on your endurance and strength, letting your trainer know that a marathon is on your fitness bucket list.

Hills and Valleys

The thrill of competing in a marathon, whether you finish it in 4 hours or 10, is a thrill you will remember for the rest of your life. There’s exhilaration in pushing yourself past what you thought was possible physically.

Just know that the safest and the best way to train is with a coach – just like Los Angeles personal trainer Lalo Fuentes, CSCS. You may spend a lot of time outside of your training time working on running long distances, but they can help you set up a schedule that eases you into longer distances and helps reduce your chance for injury, while also incorporating cross-training techniques to help you stay strong.

When you work with a Los Angeles personal trainer, you’ll also ensure your training schedule is consistent. That helps to prepare your body for the challenges that lie ahead. Plus, there will definitely be hills and valleys of the figurative kind in your training. A personal trainer will be your biggest cheerleader and help you to find motivation when you feel like you can’t possibly go on.

Running a marathon is a very personal experience and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. And perhaps a marathon is nowhere on your radar right now. Who knows where you’ll be after a few months with a Los Angeles personal trainer?

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