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How to Find the Formula for Success

Success can mean different things to different people. How I define success for myself may vary wildly from what you view as success in your career – and that’s OK. Your fitness career is what you make it, but defining your own success is how you can find satisfaction in your career and know if you’ve achieved your personal goals. Here’s are a few tips to help you find your own personal formula for success!

The Definition of Success

Taking the time to understand who you are and what you want from your fitness career is imperative. Otherwise, you can’t create your personal formula for success! In my book, Your Fitness Career, I ask several questions aimed at helping you define what success means to you. This is aimed at helping you create your own version of success. Once you know what that means to you, you can start finding a formula!

How to Accomplish Success

In your fitness career, your clients are your bread and butter. After you’ve marketed yourself and used other strategies to gain clients, then financial freedom is right around the corner – right? I’m going to shock you here and say that the answer to that question is no.

Success is, in part, about finding balance. A large number of clients may mean more money, but it also means less time to do the things you want. For me, being able to travel and enjoy my life is important – so it’s a part of my formula for success. Striking a balance between the number of clients you have and income is essential. If you’re spread too thin, then that will begin to impact your personal training sessions and make it even more difficult to do your job at your very best.

The Key to Success

To me, the key to success is to find a sense of balance between the right number of clients and the life you want to lead. It’s about quality, not quantity. Make it your job to find clients that are valuable because they pay you your desired rate, train frequently, and put a high value on their time – and yours.

In economics, productivity is increased by two or three times by simply adding one to three people. It’s been found time and again that when too many people are added, productivity actually begins to decline. Quality also takes a hit – it’s called the law of diminishing marginal productivity. If you follow its tenets, then you can begin to understand that adding more clients isn’t your key to success. Instead, working to find stable clients and maximizing your profits is the best way to go.

You must work to find the right recipe for your success. Understand it’s not about how many clients you have. If you have too many, you will eventually hit a wall where your fitness career suffers, and the quality of your training and your lifestyle take a nosedive. Train for the lifestyle you want and that keeps you at the top of your fitness career game! But most of all – enjoy it!

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