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Creating Your Brand: Is Your Name Enough?

Take just a minute and think about your favorite brands. What do you like about them? It’s probably that they are unique and let you know simply and easily what you’re getting. When it comes to your fitness career, your brand is what sets you apart from other personal trainers. Of course, coming up with your brand isn’t that simple – if it was, everyone would brand themselves easily and successfully! Probably the biggest challenge you have in creating your brand is understanding if your name is enough. Here are my thoughts on how to solve this dilemma.

Your Company

Your fitness career is going to force you to make a lot of choices and perhaps one of the biggest is what the name of your company is going to be.

When I was creating my business and brand, I wanted to send a message about what I was offering to my audience from the get-go. A huge part of that was selecting a meaningful name, but a brand is about more than just a name – it’s about a strategy.

Your Strategy

The truth of the matter is that any name can be used to create a brand. It’s the marketing strategy behind it that makes the biggest difference. What do you want the name of your business to convey? Well, it should tell potential clients a few things, such as:

  • Expertise

  • Value

  • Product uniqueness

  • The service being offered

From the name of your brand alone, potential clients should know what your business is all about.

Should You Get Professional Help?

Hiring a professional branding company to help you create a brand to further your fitness career is helpful but also out of reach for many personal trainers. That’s because many companies will charge $75,000 or more to develop a brand for you. Of course, you can find many companies that will charge far less just for a name. Do your research and think about getting help as an investment that can pay off in the long run. Just be realistic about how much you can afford and balance that with the quality of what you’re getting.

Keep it Simple

Simplifying your brand can mean using your own name. This can work easily and lead to many opportunities down the road to associate your name with products. As long as you don’t overthink the process and keep it straightforward, making sure it conveys your area of expertise and what you have to offer in your niche, then it can work well.

At the end of the day, only you can understand if your name is right to use for your brand. If you want to dive deeper into how to create your own brand and strategically market yourself, my book, Your Fitness Career, is an excellent place to start. I break down how to create a branding strategy that can help you find success in your own personal training career and beyond – whether you include your name or not!

Looking to become a successful personal trainer? Make it possible with my book. Your Fitness Career

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