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3 Tips for Your Personal Training Business Future

For a lot of people, working for someone else provides them with a sense of security. But if you’re looking to strike out on your own to see where your fitness career can take you, then there are a few things that are important to keep in mind. Working independently can be a little scary, but these tips I’ve learned over the years can help you do it successfully!

Tip No. 1: Know Who You Are

If you’re going to put yourself out there, then have a good grasp on who you are as a trainer first. In my book, Your Fitness Career, I go in-depth about how to find your niche and then use that to grow your business. That’s an important aspect because if you don’t know who your potential client is, then how can you find them – and more importantly, how can they find you?

When you specialize in one area of fitness, then you must back it up with the skills and knowledge to do it better than anyone else. You must offer services that other trainers simply cannot, which means you have to be up-to-date with the latest information in the field. Your fitness career is an evolution, so as things change you must be able to change right along with it.

Tip No. 2: Be Flexible

You know how important flexibility is for your clients in a physical way, but you have to be flexible in the ways you relate and work with your clients too. Remember, fitness is highly personal and you’re dealing with people one-on-one. In your fitness career, you must have rules under which you operate, but it’s OK to bend those rules for clients from time to time. You simply need to make sure they know you’re accommodating them.

If you have a policy that says clients must give you a 24-hour notice to cancel or they get charged but a client is sick and cancels last minute, then let them know that you’re giving them a break. It helps to build trust and let them know you’re willing to work with them because you care and it’s not all cold, calculated business decisions!

Tip No. 3: Invest in Yourself

When you invest in yourself, then you’re investing in your business too. Plus, the more knowledge you have, the more confidence you’ll exude with your clients. Make sure to keep striving for more even after you’ve obtained your initial personal training certifications. Always keep studying and reading so you know what fitness trends are in the news. And don’t be shy about attending classes or going to fitness conventions. They can be a great way to network and are always a great investment in your personal training business future!

Don’t just be a personal trainer, create a fitness career and business for yourself. Always make sure you’re reaching for more and be the best you can be. That way, success will be within reach!

Looking to become a successful personal trainer? Make it possible with my book. Your Fitness Career

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