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Are You Really Too Busy to Work Out?

Life can be pretty demanding. Between family commitments, work, and other grown-up responsibilities, it can be tough to find the time to do certain things and it seems as if exercise always goes down to the bottom of the to-do list. To Los Angeles personal trainers, saying you don’t have time to exercise is roughly equivalent to saying the dog ate your homework when you were a kid. People all too often use feeling as if they lack time as a catch-all for deserting health and fitness goals. It’s simply a way to downplay your desperate need for structured goal setting.

The first step toward adopting a healthier lifestyle is to realize that you actually do have time to exercise. The second step is to do it. Here are a few ways you can work exercise into your busy schedule.

Be Efficient

If you want to make your health and fitness a priority, then you need to choose a workout that can be done just about anywhere, whether you’re traveling or stuck at home with sick kids. This should ideally be an exercise that doesn’t require much preparation but also allows you to make significant physical gains in a short period of time. Working with a Los Angeles personal trainer can also be a great way to streamline your workout since they can show you bodyweight exercises and HIIT routines that can be done just about anywhere.

Motivate Yourself with Competition

“In the workplace,” says Los Angeles personal trainer Lalo Fuentes, CSCS, “collaboration is a key to success. When you’re trying to motivate yourself to exercise regularly, make competition work for you.” No matter your physical fitness or skill level, signing up for a competition can help motivate you since it gives you a goal to work toward. It might just give you the little boost you need to make sure you fit in your workouts.

Schedule It

When people say they don’t have time to work out, what they really mean is they didn’t make time for it. It’s really all about how you prioritize your time. When you really need to, you can make time for things that are necessary – and your health is necessary for your happiness! Los Angeles personal trainers recommend making a schedule for your workouts, then make a commitment to stick to it.

Choose Something

If you don’t have an hour to exercise, don’t worry about it. There are some exercises that can be done in just a few minutes a day that can make a big difference to your health and fitness goals. When you’re busy, you have to resign yourself to fitting in fitness where you can and no matter how much time you have to commit to it. Talk to your personal trainer about pre-programmed, short workouts that can be done in a pinch or even exercises you can do at your desk.

Make a pledge in your life to exercise and never settle for any less than being fit and strong. Your Los Angeles personal trainer can help make that happen!

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