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Tips for a Healthy Bachelorette Party

In a version of reality where everyone is healthy and fit, brides-to-be would choose a spa weekend or wellness retreat to celebrate their impending nuptials. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that version of reality! Bachelorette parties are some of the most indulgent celebrations you can be a part of and you can’t exactly demand the bride plan an event in line with your health and fitness goals. Don’t worry; you won’t ruin all the work you’ve done with your personal trainer in one weekend of fun. Here are a few ways you can incorporate health into a bachelorette party and still have fun.

Take Along Snacks

Stuff your bag with the essentials – you know, like healthy snacks. Los Angeles personal trainer Lalo Fuentes, CSCS, says, “If you know you’re going to go somewhere with less-than-healthy options, then take along a few nutritious snack options such as an apple, nuts, or nutrition bars.”

Taking your own snacks means you’ll have something on hand to help you from over-indulging on rich foods or drinks, which can help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

Suggest a Cooking Class

If the bride you’re celebrating with is open to suggestions, a healthy alternative to classic bachelorette shenanigans is a cooking class. It’s a fun activity everyone can participate in together and it’s healthier than other things you could do. Even if it’s just tacked onto to more traditional (and unhealthy) activities, at least it adds a little health to the evening to make your Los Angeles personal trainer proud!

Don’t Forget the Water

When you’re working out with your personal trainer, you must remember to hydrate. But that’s not the only place that proper water consumption is important. Drink a glass of water in between each adult beverage during your night out with the gals and it will help you in a couple of very important ways. First, it’ll help to slow you down and make it less likely that you’ll overdo it. Two, it’ll keep you hydrated so you’ll feel better the next day.

Don’t Forget to Laugh!

It may sound a bit corny, but laughter truly is the best medicine. Personal trainer Lalo Fuentes suggests that you laugh as much and as often as you can. Laughter is a great tool to help you not only be happy and healthy but also to ward off stress and even help you achieve a healthy weight. Plus, it makes for a pretty great ab workout too. So, just remember that no matter what else you do, having fun is one of the most important.

Celebrating an important milestone like marriage with a good friend is something you will never forget, but it’s also doesn’t have to spell doom for your healthy lifestyle. If you have concerns about how to manage a night out or a weekend retreat, discuss the ways you can inject a little health into the celebration with your Los Angeles personal trainer.

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