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Essentials for Your Next Private Jet Experience

One of the most exciting things my fitness career has afforded me is the opportunity to travel by private jet. I remember my first time – it was a very exciting experience! Certainly, if you’ve never flown on a private jet before you’re in the majority. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being new to this mode of travel, but when you’re working in a professional capacity as a personal trainer, there are some important things you need to remember!

Before You Go

It’s a good idea to ask about the type of jet you’ll be flying on, so you can do some research to understand the size, layout of the seats, if there will be food services, and if a hostess will be available. You should also ask which airport you are departing from so you can plan ahead. Always offer to send your travel documents to them via email beforehand so you can be added to the passenger list.

What to Pack

You’re a personal trainer, so you’ve probably come to understand over the course of your fitness career what you’ll need to do your job effectively. In my book, Your Fitness Career, I give a detailed explanation of the tools you may need to bring with you in order to do your job correctly and effectively, such as magazines, music, audio equipment, and even food.

Whatever you decide to bring, keep in mind that jets have a weight restriction, so you don’t want to pack too much. If you can fit all you need into a carry-on, then that’s the route you should take. Also think about where you’ll be traveling and wear anything heavy you need such as boots, jackets, or sweaters on the plane, so you don’t have to pack them – but do so in a way that doesn’t make you show up looking sloppily dressed. Keep your packing to just one bag because showing up more bags than your host can make you look unsophisticated.

Keep Your Cool

Even if this is one of the first times you’ve been a private jet, don’t act like it is! Of course, you can be yourself, but keep your enthusiasm contained about being on a private jet. Feel free to compliment your host on the amenities, but don’t ooh and ahh over every little detail.

There may be free things available on the plane as well, such as snacks. Don’t start stuffing these into your bag. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, but it’s important to remember that you’re working and no matter how cool you may think everything is, you need to remember your manners. It’s not a bad idea to turn alcoholic beverages down when flying, either.

Do You Have Everything?

Almost anything you forget can be replaced when you arrive at your destination except for personal documents. Even if you’re just flying to another state, you need identification. If you’re flying abroad, you won’t get far without a passport. Have your identification on you and ready to be reviewed at a moment’s notice.

Traveling on a private jet is an amazing experience and one that can mark a new era for your fitness career, but don’t let the excitement overwhelm you. You’re there in a professional capacity, so act like it!

Looking to become a successful personal trainer? Make it possible with my book. Your Fitness Career

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