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Get Moving: Creating a Fitness Bucket List

Life is short – too short not to go for what you want! You’ve probably created your own bucket list in your head - a vacation to Bali or skydiving with your more daring friends. But what about your fitness bucket list? Los Angeles personal trainers like Lalo Fuentes think that creating a fitness bucket list a is a great way to keep you motivated on your fitness journey. After all, you must work toward a specific goal to help keep you inspired! Here are a few things you should consider putting on your fitness bucket list!

A Sprint Triathlon

Maybe you’re not ready to commit to an Ironman just yet, but you can catch the triathlon bug by signing up for a sprint. In these events, you swim 400 meters, cycle for 21 kilometers, and run for 5 kilometers.

“Sprint triathlons are great because of the type of training they require,” says Lalo Fuentes, CSCS, “You must do some strength work along with endurance training and sprinting, contributing to your overall health and fitness along the way.”

Sprint triathlons are also valuable because they help you spread your focus around instead of just concentrating on one aspect of fitness, such as endurance for a marathon. So, consider adding it to your list!

The Three-Minute Plank

A three-minute plank? Pffft – easy, right? It’s not! A plank requires core strength and endurance. If you don’t have the goods to pull it off, then there’s no hiding from that. Many Los Angeles personal trainers have had to work long and hard to be able to pull off a plank of this length with proper form, so try it yourself and see where you’re at. Chances are, there’s room for improvement. Nail the technique and keep pushing until you get there!

A Wall-Free Handstand

If you’ve not done a handstand since you were in grade school, then it’s time to give it a try again. Handstands without the support of a wall are very challenging and require a lot of mobility, functional movement, technique, and strength.

Of course, if you’ve not pulled off a handstand successfully since the fourth grade, then you can’t just jump right in. First, work with your Los Angeles personal trainer to master the easier variations. Once that’s done, start to master this one!

Find a Mountain and Climb It!

If it’s adventure you’re craving, then climb a mountain. It doesn’t have to be Everest or Kilimanjaro, but someplace closer to home that presents a challenge. Whatever mountain you go for, just remember that it’s an exhilarating experience that requires you to be in great physical condition, plus you need to be familiar with the safety procedures too. Let your personal trainer know you want to climb a mountain and see what exercises they can offer to help you get in shape! They’ll probably throw in some mountain climbers for good measure.

Life is about adventure and trying new things, so don’t just sit there! Get out, get active, and create a fitness bucket list you can conquer one day at a time!

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