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Fitness Career Bootcamp

 1-On-1 Business Coaching Sessions with Lalo Fuentes

The 1-On-1 business coaching with Lalo Fuentes for 60 days is an exclusive service that will transform your fitness business into a successful career. 


Imagine being one of the top trainers in your city, fully booked, charging a rate that makes you happy to wake up in the mornings. Imagine not only getting business inquiries from new prospect clients but from different media outlets wanting to interview you for their next article or TV segment.


You're a great trainer, and your clients get amazing results. The only thing you need is a successful career so that you can continue to help people while making a great living doing what you love.


Lalo has been there, and knows how it feels to give it your best, be good at what you do but still manage just to make ends meet. The thing Lalo liked least about the fitness industry was not having enough clients to keep him busy and being able to maintain the lifestyle he wanted to have. 

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A lot of people have asked Lalo, why is it that he wants to share all of his business secrets with his "competition." The answer is clear to him. He doesn't see it as competition anymore, and loves seeing people succeed while putting his business advice into action. 

Magazine Press

Lalo has been in the fitness industry for more than twenty-five years, and during his whole career, Lalo has started his business three times in different cities like Miami, NYC, and Los Angeles, and in all of those occasions, he has accomplished to get booked in a considerable fast time.


The experience has cost him thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of work figuring out what works and what doesn't. In the end, it has been all worth it because now, he has a solid brand and a steady business. Today, Lalo is happy to share that information with you so you can accomplish the same.​

A successful career is not just about making a sale. That would be like saying you are going to accomplish a six-pack just by doing crunches. You want to build a solid career that will not only attract new clients but high-end, long lasting customers, press interviews, and new business opportunities.


During Lalo's 60-day Fitness Career Bootcamp, he will help you transform your your business from the ground up so that you can become a fitness authority in your city creating a sustainable business.

TV Press

After you finish the 60-day Fitness Career Bootcamp, you will learn how to build a solid career that will help establish your name in the industry and generate profits for many years to come. There are various components that you need to master to be a successful trainer, and during Lalo's 60-day Fitness Career Bootcamp, he will peel back the curtains on his favorite business strategies and share all the secrets he has learned over the years so that you can achieve a successful career as well. 


Strategies that allow you to:

  • Build a timeless brand.

  • Create an effective marketing campaign to get new clients. 

  • Charge the highest rate you deserve.

  • Calculate the cost of a new client.

  • Identify the lifetime value of a customer.

  • Get celebrity clientele.

  • Land TV appearances and magazines features.

  • Prepare for exceptional television and magazine interviews.

  • Develop a strong client loyalty.

  • Make your money work for you and take control of your life.

All these ingredients work together to bring you a more consistent flow of new premium clients and operate your business in ways we can almost guarantee you’ve never thought or heard of.


The end result?

A robust and highly profitable business that works FOR YOU

What’s the BEST part?

You and Lalo will do this together LIVE...


Not everyone can go through 1-On-1 Coaching for 2 months.

Truth is – some people are secretly addicted to their situation. They’ll smile, nod, and agree, but then do what they’ve always done—effectively wasting their own time and Lalo's when their spot could’ve been taken by someone else. So if you’re SERIOUS about your success, request your spot for your 60-day Fitness Career Bootcamp.

60-day Fitness Career Bootcamp  $2,750


"Working with Lalo on re-engineering my fitness business was really enlightening. It was good to work with someone that actually came to the discussion with solid business ideas and strong experience. With one of Lalo's suggestions I was able to adjust my marketing strategy and had my competitors scrambling.


In the end, my re-launch was a huge success, and we had 84 people sign up for our first program and 186 for our fourth. I would highly recommend Lalo to anyone who wants to grow or re-invent their business".


Rudy Rosa 
Extraordinary Fitness

A few years ago I thought I was living the fitness dream. I owned my own successful gym in Los Angeles. Major movie stars were being photographed with the gym’s logo splashed across their chests. My training schedule was packed with A-list celebrities. I was turning down clients I would have killed to work with just a few years earlier.

Most important to me personally, I had created a business in the heart of aesthetically obsessed Hollywood dedicated to real, sustainable health. And, despite the odds, it had thrived. I was honoring my deepest convictions about what fitness really means, and I was being appreciated for it. This was the dream, right?


I wasn’t so sure anymore. I was beginning to understand how easily living the dream can start to feel like negotiating a nightmare. In the mysterious realm of sleep or in the hyperconscious reality of a demanding career, the quality of the experience comes down to the amount of control you have over the story. I needed to retake control of my professional life.

I am a personal trainer because I believe with every ounce of conviction that we direct the story of our health. Not completely, of course. None of us can cheat death, and none of us has perfect genes. But few of us exercise the real control we have over our physical health and, consequently, our ultimate fulfillment.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know how important it is to plan for your health. What you probably don’t know is that planning for your career works exactly the same way.


Without a fitness plan you won't see much improvement in your health. Without a business plan you can't expect improvement in your career. You will almost certainly end up feeling like I did: stuck on an endless professional treadmill with the dream you’re living slowly taking on the qualities of a nightmare.


I kept my gym running like a precision timepiece. I took pride in my skills and the fact that I answered only to myself. I set my own hours. Nobody stood in the way of my reaping the rewards of committed work.


Yet I began to realize that setting my own hours meant nothing if I was working all the time. Being in demand meant nothing if I didn’t know how to channel the new opportunities into greater success. And running an enterprise devoted to real, sustainable health was pointless if it meant giving up the freedom to achieve it for myself.


It was at this point that I met Lalo. I don’t take these kinds of coincidences lightly. Just as I was beginning to understand how badly I needed to plan my business, life introduced me to an expert on the topic.

Up to that point hard work, determination, and a core belief in sharing the benefits of long-term health with others had been my business plan. But I had no idea what to do with the success that followed. Marketing myself and my ideas intelligently, managing my time in a way that increased my personal freedom instead of limiting it, working smarter instead of working harder, especially by developing sources of passive income... These concepts were, if not entirely foreign to me, certainly unexplored.

Just as I help clients understand they can control their health, Lalo helped me understand I can control my career. I credit his wisdom, insight, and practical advice with improving the way I plan for success.


Since first meeting Lalo I have made a lot of changes. I no longer run the gym that ran me ragged. I have tailored my clientele to better suit my holistic objectives, and I train them in a gym I created in my home. I have reduced the professional responsibilities I found unrewarding and increased my responsibilities to the clients I serve, leaving me feeling more personally fulfilled. And I began tapping into a source of passive income by developing and launching my own fitness app.

I’m delighted Lalo has chosen to share his vital knowledge with a wider audience. Your Fitness Career Bootcamp has something valuable to teach you regardless of your place on the fitness career path. As someone who has benefitted directly from much of the practical wisdom Lalo offers, I know that if you follow the advice Lalo gives you, you will never lose control of your professional story. You will truly be living the dream. In good health,

Christine Hazelton ACSM, NSCA-CPT
Trained Matt Damon for his “Bourne” series.

"I was in the fitness industry for over 10 years where I was a writer for various fitness publications, a fitness trainer and an ambassador and partner of big global brands, such as Reebok, before changing careers.  


During my transition to a new industry, Lalo was extremely helpful to me as it is because of him that I realized my true passion was to work in PR. 


Right before launching my PR agency and while still working in fitness, I worked with Lalo to promote one of his latest projects at the time.  Over the years, I've gotten the attention of the media on my own for my fitness brand, however, my PR experience under Lalo was where I realized that I wanted to turn working in publicity into a real gig.


My company is now over two years old with clients in industries that I love - travel and lifestyle, and I still get a lot of business advice from Lalo. Once I made the big decision to leave fitness, Lalo coached me on how to build a successful PR company, taught me winning client attraction strategies, business marketing techniques and even has given me self-motivational advice. Now, I’m Lalo’s publicist!


I highly recommend Lalo to help you take your passion to the next level. Lalo is business savvy, encouraging and a genius!

Natasha Linton

Senior Partner

Outlier PR

Lalo Fuentes' business consulting has been a transformative force for Kandarpa Hotel. With his guidance, we have revamped our customer service, ambiance, and overall guest experience, resulting in increased profits and customer satisfaction. By introducing personalized amenities and eco-friendly initiatives, we have created a more comfortable and memorable stay for our guests.

Lalo's recommendations have helped us establish an inviting atmosphere, with updated decor and an emphasis on tranquility. Our staff is now more attentive to the needs and preferences of our guests, thanks to Lalo's suggestions. We have also seen improvements in our marketing strategy, with a focus on highlighting our unique offerings and partnerships.

Overall, Lalo Fuentes' consulting services have been instrumental in helping Kandarpa Hotel grow and thrive. We wholeheartedly recommend his expertise to any business seeking to make meaningful changes for the better.

Dewa Artana


Kendarpa Hotel

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