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Be a Traveler; Not a Tourist

Every year, we put together a group of wonderful people and embark on different adventures worldwide, from road trips to sailing voyages. You can choose a hands-on experience and try your hand at sailing or sit back and relax. 


Our Story

"I've been exploring all my life, and I'm a true believer that traveling and experiences are the best investments for growing as a person. Many years ago, friends and family members repetitively commented that they would like to join one of my escapades. Back then, I didn't understand the interest, but then it clicked. People didn't want to experience the conventional vacation and tour. They were looking for a more organic, adventurous experience. 

In 2013 I offered my first expedition, driving through the Andes of Peru on 4x4 trucks. Watching my peers experience something different and having the time of their life got me hooked. Since then, more people have been able to join, and the adventures I put together get better and better." - Lalo Fuentes 

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