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My philosophy is simple—physical fitness and a true sense of wellness is a way of life. By embracing a healthy lifestyle we are making certain that we will never take what we have for granted. Treating our bodies with respect is essential if we are to live our lives to their fullest potential.Being fit allows you to feel good and gives you physical confidence and inner strength. The method I employ introduces a range of exercises that will be unique to you to gain maximum results. Beyond exercise, we will continuously evaluate, discuss and improve on your eating habits. We will create that sound inner and outer self.

Together we will map your progress throughout your training program. We will have ongoing discussions on your expectations, goals and accomplishments. You will be overwhelmed with pride when you see how far you have come. If your commitment is to hard work, my commitment is to you.

Training is Unique to You.
For dramatic results, you need a comprehensive program that is unique to you. A healthy lifestyle can begin at any time and at any level.Lalo begins your program with a fitness assessment and nutritional consultation. Each additional session is tailored to your needs through a combination of plyometric drills, stretching, weight resistance training, free weights, Pilates and cardiovascular conditioning.To challenge and transform you both inside and out, Lalo will continuously modify each session to the appropriate intensity.

Your sessions are private and supportive. You may choose to work in the comfort of your own home, in our private training studio or in the serenity of the outdoors

Training is Transformation.
Renewed energy, personal achievement and full physical awareness encompass Lalo’s approach to training.

It starts with you and a conscious decision. Lalo will motivate and guide you to the transformation that you have been looking for – a healthier you.

We can all appreciate toned muscles and better fitting clothes, but it goes beyond that. With Lalo’s nutritional guidance, your transformation continues. You will learn how to choose and prepare the right foods to fuel your new stronger body. You will be the picture of confidence as you experience lasting energy throughout the day.

Eventually, making the right decisions about your activities and the foods you are eating will become instinct.

The video above was shot while training one of his clients.

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