Lalo’s exclusive programs guarantee impressive results. You will gain strength of body and mind while building stamina and endurance. Activities that may have seemed too difficult will now be accepted as welcomed challenges. Experience the confidence that comes with participation in athletic or recreational activities with less risk for injury.Whether you are looking for a long-term lifestyle change or you need to prepare for a special occasion, Lalo has a program for you. Your goals can be reached through the program of your choice: four-week fast track, six-week, or a month-to-month program. Whichever you choose, results will follow.


If you’re seeking an exciting routine change, an experienced and dedicated trainer and a way to get fit, the 6-Week Program is for you. You will receive three hours of private training per week and will complete 18 hours of total body shaping satisfaction. Each hour will begin with a quick warm-up to get your muscles ready and your heart rate up. After a healthy stretch, you will be feeling great and eager to hit the weights, start in on plyometric drills or rev up your cardiovascular strength. $3,780


For those who travel for business, models and actors in town for a temporary project, students with too many classes, moms juggling kids, this is the program for you. Whatever keeps your life busy, Lalo will work around your commitments. Sit down with Lalo and plan out a schedule that fits your life. Maybe 3 times per week works best or maybe 2 is better. The point is: it’s your call. No stress, just exactly what you want.



This package is ideal for anyone seeking to shed those last few stubborn pounds and inches or anyone looking to tighten and tone before a special event. The 4-Week Fast Track Program is a commitment of five days per week – 20 hours total – of an intensive fitness program. You will be guided through a carefully designed routine that will vary from week to week as you become stronger and more balanced. $4,200


As your body prepares to welcome a baby, many women experience back pain, low energy and sleepless nights. A personalized fitness and nutrition plan can help overcome the woes of pregnancy. As a pregnancy fitness coach, Lalo helps expecting moms by developing workout and nutrition plans that promote healthy, happy pregnancies. Once your new bundle of joy arrives, the focus shifts to quickly losing the baby weight and boosting confidence. Lalo uses his expertise as a post-natal fitness coach to help speed recovery and get your body back to its pre-baby shape with fitness plans designed to fit your “new mamma” lifestyle.


Every bride wants to shine on her wedding day, and that means having a fit, toned body. Lalo is the leading bridal fitness coach in the Los Angeles area. Whether you are trying to slim down for the gown, want a honeymoon-ready beach body, or are just trying to get in the best of your life before the wedding, Lalo can design a bridal fitness plan that works for you.

As one of Hollywood’s most sought-after celebrity fitness coach, Lalo specializes in working with actors and helping them achieve the notice-me bodies they need for their movie or TV roles. Whether you are trying to land your first acting gig or need to get in shape for the role of a lifetime, you need a body that demands attention. Lalo is also available to travel with clients if a TV or movie is being filmed on location.