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4-Week Fast Track Program

Lalo’s exclusive program guarantees impressive results. You will gain the strength of body and mind while building stamina and endurance. Activities that may have seemed too difficult will now be accepted as welcomed challenges. Experience the confidence that comes with reclaiming your body and true potential. Whether you are looking for a long-term lifestyle change, preparing for a special occasion, or wanting to quickly lose the baby weight, your goals are within reach.

The 4-Week Fast Track Program is a commitment of five days per week – Monday through Friday – to an intensive fitness program. You will be guided through a carefully designed routine that will vary weekly as you become stronger and more balanced. The day will also include outdoor cardio activities to keep you motivated and help you achieve your goals faster. 

Impressive results need a great diet plan. Enjoy delicious, healthy meals and portion-controlled snacks, prepared with fresh ingredients and inspired by Lalo's travels around the world. He will take care of the shopping, cooking, and nutrition, allowing you to relax and enjoy a flavorful meal that is customized to you. 

No matter your geographical location, Lalo will come to you. 



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