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"This was absolutely the best trip I have ever been on in my life! Thanks to Lalo, we only had to show up, all the heavy lifting for the trip was meticulously planned. Before the trip I had done a lot of research on Croatia so I had an idea of what I wanted to do. We were able to do everything I wanted and so much more. We went to multiple city's and islands and not once did it feel rushed. The boat our group was on was spacious and I never felt like we were on top of each other. Every restaurant we went to together had amazing food and beautiful ambiance. I feel so lucky to have gone on this trip because everyone that was in our group I now can call a friend. Some trips and people just feed your soul and this was no exception. Thank you Lalo!" - Kristen Banks


"Had such an amazing time with you all!! I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for this trip, the experiences, and meeting each of you - truly couldn’t have been any better of a crew. Thanks captain Lalo for everything, and to everyone for making this trip one I’ll never forget!" - Kim Hyslop

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"Sailing Croatia in 2021 with Lalo was a trip of a lifetime. I was included last minute and I’m so happy to have been offered the opportunity and to have accepted it.

We sailed as a group of 13, brought together by our friendships with Lalo. While we each knew a couple people in the group beforehand, we had never met the other members of the group until we arrived to board the sail boat. Looking back on the entire experience, I really appreciate how selective Lalo was in who he decided to bring together, as we all had an amazing time and got along extremely well. I now consider each person in our group to be a friend for a lifetime, having been on this adventure together and forming the memories we formed.


I also really appreciate Lalo’s role in our group. He always made an effort to make sure each of us were accommodated and happy. It didn’t just feel like we were left to ourselves to try to make the best of the trip, but we had Lalo actively concerned for us maximizing our enjoyment. Lalo was very effective in communication and establishing a common sense guidance based on previous experiences to make sure we all had a pleasant time.


Even a month later I still think back to the vivid and fond memories I had with such a beautiful group of individuals on the other side of the world." - Emanuel Boderash


"Life-changing and many good memory-lasting experiences! The people made this trip, relaxed and friendly crew is key to it. Combined with some of the best food I've ever had and fairy tail book locations, it easily becomes one of the top trips I've ever had. I was able to do so many first-time things and eat some of the best food yet but most importantly, meet some people I hope to see again soon! I can't wait for Turkey next year! 

Thanks for such a memorable experience, Captain Lalo! #LaloWeek" - Veronika Alexander


"Dear Captain Lalo and Crew. Back to normal routine I can’t stop thinking about how perfect this trip was. The crew seemed handpicked to share the whole experience in harmony, each one with their own way of contributing. The whole planning very good too, yet we didn’t feel stuck to it at all, with flexibility to decide and participate as we went. I can barely wait for the next LaloWeek!" - Pedro F. de Lima

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"It’s very difficult to describe in words all the amazing feelings that I felt during the trip to Croatia. First of all, Croatia is a wonderful country, full of beautiful landscapes, great food, a lot of history, and great people. Besides that, being able to sail makes the experience of discovering Croatia even more fabulous!


Cherry on top of this wonderful experience was the people that I was able to meet and shared incredible days with. Everybody was so different, yet a perfect match! I spent the entire week laughing; it was so natural that I felt like I knew them for years.


Without a doubt, this was one of the best vacations I ever had, and I feel really blessed for having experienced LaloWeek!"

- Nora Bogo

Cameron turner_edited.jpg

It was hard being back to work today. I couldn’t stop talking to my staff and patients about our trip to Croatia. Many thanks to Lalo for handpicking some of the best sites in the country to experience, especially for a first time visitor! From Trogir to Hvar and Brač and all of the unique and wonderful places in between only assessable by private yacht, for me this was an experience of a lifetime!

The crew members, also carefully selected by our host, are what made this trip truly special. Couples and singles alike, we all became a cohesive group very quickly as if long time friends. It was great getting to know such an amazing group and I look forward to meeting up with them again soon." - Cameron Turner

Danessa Watkins_edited.jpg

“LaloWeek 2021” was truly the vacation of a lifetime!

Lalo’s communication leading up to the trip was excellent – he told us what to pack/not pack, where to exchange money, best options for transport from the airport, what to expect onboard, etc.

Still, my boyfriend and I were a little nervous, as we had never been on a catamaran, lived on a boat for a week or met the majority of our crewmates. Our nervousness went overboard as soon as we set sail! Lalo was not only fully prepared with provisions and a list of must-see attractions, but he had assembled some of the best people from around the globe that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting! Simply stated: Lalo attracts good energy, and having such an awesome, hand-selected crew to tour Croatian waters with is what truly made this trip so special.


Lalo also set the perfect pace for our adventures. We had plans to be at a few specific docks at certain times, but we were never rushed. There was plenty of room in our schedule for impromptu swimming and cliff diving. Once docked, everyone was able to go their separate ways to explore what they were interested in. But our crew was so much fun, we choose to meet back up for dinner and drinks almost every night!


I truly cannot say enough good things about our adventures during LaloWeek. We cannot wait for the next trip!  Thank you, Captain Lalo!!" - Danessa Watkins

“Dream Big! If your going to spend the money and take the time to do some “real” traveling start off by dreaming big and then make it happen. It’s the best way to describe traveling with Lalo. He chooses these off the beaten path grand locations, mixes in some real adventure, then does something magical……..makes it happen!


So often it’s not the big items either like navigating a sailboat, it’s often the little things, like choosing the right restaurant with the perfect table. He’s passionate about traveling which translate into memories of a life time. I can’t thank him enough for “Making it Happen!” – Jeremi Peck

“Sailing the coast of Italy with Lalo was truly the trip of a lifetime, and I am so glad that I was able to go. This trip is impossible to describe it in only one word, so I’ll use all that come to mind: Exhilarating, exciting, delicious, relaxing, romantic and very very fun.

I was able to see parts of Italy that most people do not know exist – places that Italians themselves go to for vacation! This was an experience steeped in true Italian culture – unforgettable food, music, and breathtaking scenery. I found myself thinking “I cannot believe I am here” many times on the trip.

Lalo took the time to carefully research all of the islands we visited, knowing what made each location unique and what there was to see. Each time we left one island for another, we left filled with local culture and great memories. Even better, our group was full of lovely people from all over the world who I am now honored to call friends.

My experiences on this trip changed me forever and in the very best way. I am anxious to see what Lalo has planned for future adventures – I will be the first to sign up”! – Julie Hatounian

“Lalo has been a close friend of mine for nearly 15 years. I knew a trip with him would not just be a vacation, but an adventure that I would remember for the rest of my life. When he told me about a trip sailing through the Amalfi coast, I could hardly contain my excitement. Needless to say I was not disappointed.


The things I feared are actually the parts of the trip that I now appreciate and cherish the most looking back. A 70 mile overnight sail may seem daunting, but being alone on the sea with the moon, stars, and fish jumping out of the water was a magical experience. Finding a hideaway off the coast of Capri to avoid the rough seas still brings a smile to my face. Not only did we get to see some magical and beautiful places, but we worked as a team and grew as a group. I feel like I made several new lifelong friends because of this experience. No matter what the challenge was we helped and supported each other.

Thank you Lalo and to all the people on the Hydra & Luna. I only wish we had more time on the trip to laugh, drink, and be crazy together.” – Tom Marlin

“When Lalo first mentioned the group sailing trip in Italy he was planning, it sparked a deep-down wanderlust that I hadn’t tapped into for far too long. I sailed quite a bit when I was much younger, and had been wanting to try my hand at it again. Plus, since I was single, I was struggling to find fun travel companions who were interested in doing the same things as me. After some contemplation, I signed up for the trip. And, let me tell you, by the time we returned to Naples and I had to face the long, sad flight home to LA, I realized it was a fabulous decision–

the trip far exceeding my expectations and warm feelings toward my traveling companions and the great beauty of the Southern Italian islands filling my heart.

Lalo had the whole agenda well planned out, yet he also had a way with the locals in case we needed to finagle our way into a dock space, get a recommendation for the best restaurant in town, or find the best rate for renting mopeds for the day. He was a commanding “Capitano” who kept us all on our heels. And it didn’t hurt that the entourage of traveling companions he drew were a completely wonderful, interesting, eclectic, humorous, caring bunch.


It’s been a few months since the trip now, and I find myself reminiscing about all the friends I made; the AMAZING places I saw; the wonderful calm, detached nature of sailing (think sound of wind and sea); the delicious fresh, local food; the unexpectedly flavorful local culture of these small Italian island towns; the tragedies and triumphs of laying a broken anchor in a deep bay (ha – you had to be there); and the list goes on. All in all, I would gladly let Lalo plan any trip of mine. His sincere sense of adventure, friendly and open-minded persona, and flexibility and practicality coupled with ambition for achieving the best are all traits that make him a great trip leader. ” – Amanda Barrett

“In last 18 months, I have had the good fortune to sail alongside Lalo twice: First on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia and then on the Tyrrhenian Sea in Italy last August. While Lalo is great as a captain, he is equally awesome on land. His quick thinking and problem-solving abilities helped to secure a table for 12 in a fully booked restaurant – something I saw him do more than once.

His prowess for trip management begins with the preparation. He sends you a 20-page document containing things you can enjoy while in the country you’ll be sailing to. You’ll find a list of restaurants, places to exchange currency and handy tips for saving money. While sailing does not allow for an itinerary that is concrete, he researches all possible destinations, including pictures and advice on the course we want to take.

Lalo knows how to have fun and enjoys traveling, and the best part is that he likes to share those amazing experiences with fellow travelers.” – Dima Ivahno

“The kind of vacation that stays in your memory! Well pre-planned and greatly diverse. What I have found amazing about the sail trip is the opportunity to see many places in a short time, which makes it truly entertaining.

I am grateful I had the chance to be a part of this adventure, to explore the hidden beauty of the Italian islands and to make new awesome friends from other parts of the globe. As I say, travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer.

Thank You Lalo for the experience and all your organization.” – Andrea Amata


"My adventure in Morocco with Lalo was one of the most enjoyable travel experiences of my life! You tailor our itinerary to answer all my needs to perfection. Taking a road trip through Morocco is one of the best ways to explore a completely different culture and Islamic religion. I had a chance to enjoy the most wonderful places in Morocco, drive through beautiful countryside, meet local Berbers, explore valleys, ride camels and enjoy spectacular and breath-taking sunsets in the Sahara desert.  I truly appreciate Lalo’s patience, guidance and attention to the smallest details to make this journey adventurous and fun!


Thank you, Lalo, for the wonderful and unforgettable memories! Looking forward to your next travel adventure!"   – Ivona B.

“If you are up for a TRUE adventure and spontaneity this is the trip for you. amazing locations, beautiful oceans, delicious foods and new friends for a lifetime!

Lalo put together an amazing group of people of all ages and backgrounds. everyone was lovely and really bonded with such an amazing group!


Can't wait to see lalo’s upcoming adventure in Morocco and the Virgin Islands!” -Eden Michelle de Mitry


“Lalo has a love of adventure in his blood like me so it’s not a surprise I joined his amazing sailing trip in Croatia. He loves to travel and you can feel it from the whole attitude he has already during the planning of the journey. Lalo was attentive to the needs of everybody; he was making jokes and treating everybody like his old friend.


He prepared everything in such detail that you did not need to search for anything – from the airport transport, daily boat menu, educational information and city description, day activities, to restaurant tips – all of that makes your traveling with him so comfortable that you leave with wonderful memories. We’ll go again soon!” Thanks Lalo!”

– Alessandra Quevedo



“The Trips I’ve taken with Lalo stand out amongst other vacations, they actually feel longer than the actual time we’ve spent away while other vacations feel like they go by too quickly. Without rushing, he has a way to complete a full spectrum of experiences into a short window.


He also attracts like-minded people such as myself that want to experience, rather than just travel through an area! I can’t commend him enough for putting together trips that are adventurous but also give a feeling of belonging, of being away from home, while also feeling right at home!”
– Jeremi Peck



“The sailing trip in Croatia that Lalo put together was amazing! I went on the trip only knowing one person being Lalo himself and left with so many new wonderful friends.

The itinerary Lalo created was exceptional. He did so much research and took us to all of the best islands and destinations. He really tried to help everyone with their specific needs and requests. While on the boat he took charge of the sail and let everyone else relax and enjoy the ride!

I had an amazing adventure in Croatia with Lalo and crew. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and experience. Thank you Lalo!” – Erin Goodfellow

“When you travel with Lalo, you not only see a place – you feel it. His trips are the perfect balance of being organized yet free-spirited, adventurous yet safe. Our trip to Peru entailed everything I love: good food, culture, spontaneity, going off the beaten path, amazing scenery, and even philanthropy.


My heart and tummy have never been filled with so much love! If I could have someone design the perfect trip for me, it would be Lalo”. – Christine Chang 

“Traveling with Lalo got me out of my comfort zone and led me to experience a country and culture I had never before considered exploring. It was the trip of a lifetime, and I’d travel with him again any time”. – Jennifer Gill 

“Traveling with Lalo is an experience you will never forget. He combines exploration of a new land with learning and helping the natives. It was definitely a trip that fully immerse oneself with the land of the people, culture and food”.

– Apryl Chang

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