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Our group met in Casablanca where we started our road expedition around Morocco. Jumped on 4x4 trucks and drove from town to town discovering new territories and culture. We ventured on a camel trek in the Sahara Desert where we chased the sunset and witnessed the dunes melt like butter as the sun departed the desert. We camped in the desert while visiting local Berbers who kindly offered hot mint tea to beat the heat. 

Showering in the middle of the Sahara desert felt like we were living an Indiana Jones movie. We saw bats and hand size beetles welcoming us as the water was running through our feet. Something that was unexpected and terrorizing for some at the moment, but still an occurrence that brings a smile to our faces.

The leather dying techniques in Fez is a must witness experience. Watching a human being inside pools of bird poop and cow pee for hours long working on his craft will give you a unique affection for leather moving forward for sure.

We thank the power of mint leaves we used to covered our faces while we witnessed such performance. 

A trip to Morocco wouldn't be complete without exploring the corners of Marrakech's market (souk) where we obtained a great deal on a traditional Berber carpet and tasted a variety of the famous and exquisite Tagines made of meat, chicken and of course, dates. All in all, our experience in Morocco was outstanding and full of adventure which is what we love.

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