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* Features Lalo’s classic moves with a new, muscle developing twist
* A fun, high-impact cardio routine that will leave you feeling lean and mean
* Explosive jumping cardio routine proven to dramatically improve athletic performance
* Keep your heart rate up through Lalo’s workout that combines strength training with cardio for maximum results
* English, Spanish, or customize with your own tunes!
* This New Edition now contains a timeline and counter so you know where you are in your workout at all times
* LaloFit Volume 1 also includes a new 15-Minute Express Workout

LaloFit DVD V.1

SKU: 364215376135191
  • 55 minutes of high and low intensity exercises designed to get you ripped! Lalo will guide you through a killer workout so you can see results quickly.


    The LaloFit DVD Introduces you to Lalo’s Mind Body Technique of connecting your mind with each movement. Don’t let Volume 1 fool you, this is no beginner’s DVD!

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