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How to Conquer Wedding Planning Stress

Your wedding can be one of the best days of your life, but every day leading up to it can really put you through the ringer. There are few things as stressful as planning an event as large as your wedding that means so much to you, so it’s no wonder you’re feeling like a crazed maniac as you agonize over every last detail.

Well, here’s the thing: No event, even your wedding, is worth your health. If you don’t find ways to conquer the stress of planning this joyous event, then your health will suffer. Here are a few of Los Angeles personal trainer Lalo Fuentes’ best tips for conquering your wedding planning stress and putting your health front and center.

Stress Buster No. 1: Healthy Eating

You can conquer stress with food, but we’re not talking about several pints of Ben and Jerry’s here. What we mean is that you can fight stress with healthy food choices. Instead of reaching for a salty or sugary snack when you’re feeling frazzled, try reaching for unsalted nuts and seeds, fresh berries, dark green vegetables or whole grains. These types of foods (unprocessed and natural) give your body a needed punch of various minerals and vitamins that it needs to fight your body’s stress response. As Fuentes says, “You need to find an individual eating plan that works for you and puts health first.”

One other tip: Cut down on the caffeine. It can make stress worse, so try to switch it out for some green tea instead. It’s full of antioxidants to keep you feeling and looking great.

Stress Buster No. 2: Exercise

You might be surprised how a good sweat session can help you to feel like a whole new woman. It’s like purging all that stress as you focus your energy on making your body stronger and healthier. You might be thinking “Yeah right, who has the time for exercise when there’s so much to do?” Well, make time. Because your health is invaluable! And you’ll have the added bonus of looking good and feeling great the day you walk down the aisle too.

Pro tip: To try and make yourself more accountable, find a bridal fitness coach like personal trainer Lalo Fuentes, CSCS. His philosophy about bridal fitness is, “Exercise and good health will help to guide you through the most important moments of your life.” Because if you don’t have your health, what have you got?

Stress Buster No. 3: Get Help

You are not an island – you have to think of yourself as more of an archipelago. You are not in this alone, and while it may be hard to delegate some of the responsibilities of this day, it’ll do wonders for your sanity if you can just let a few of them go. Reach out to the most trusted people around you and let them take some of the wedding weight off your exhausted shoulders. Then use the newfound free time to get some rest!

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