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How to Find Your Fitness Style

You do a lot of things that are a reflection of your own personal style. How you dress, what you drive, even what you eat is on some level a reflection of who you are. There are few things as personal as your fitness, which is why working with a Los Angeles personal trainer to plan an exercise routine just for you will make your workouts more fun and help to keep you motivated. Here’s how you can try to hone in on your fitness style so you can find a workout that best suits your personality!

Are You Driven and Disciplined?

You don’t find your face on the front of a Wheaties box if you’re not driven and disciplined. This type of athlete is one that everyone aspires to have just a little of as they pursue their fitness goals. If you truly are a goal-oriented and self-motivated person who gives your all, then you may relish workouts that are designed to help you to measure your improvements.

Los Angeles personal trainers are a great fit for this type of fitness personality because they can create individualized workout plans for you to help you track progress through systematic workouts. If you’re an early riser who loves to start each day with regular exercise, then make sure your personal trainer is including interval training, cardio, and weight training in your exercise plans.

A Fan of Predictability

If you find yourself loving routine but tend to be more relaxed around regimented exercise, then you need consistency. “There are some people who love familiarity and order,” says Los Angeles personal trainer Lalo Fuentes, CSCS. “It’s my job as a trainer to identify the type of fitness personality a client has and then find exercise routines that challenge them but keep them interested. For a person who loves routine, I find exercises they can stick with that becomes like second-nature to them.” Pilates and exercise DVDs (like LaloFit!) might just be your perfect match!

Reflective Recluse

If you enjoy solo activities that help you feel centered and quiet, then there are a ton of exercise out there for you! Your Los Angeles personal trainer may encourage you to bike, swim, hike, or even jog. These activities allow you time for reflection and help you feel renewed. Indoor exercise programs such as yoga, karate, Tai Chi, or even martial arts can incorporate the mind-body connection you crave. Tell your trainer if these types of workouts appeal to you and see how they can help to tailor a workout that soothes your mind and spirit while challenging your body at the same time.

There are literally billions of different people in the world and each of them has likes and dislikes. Your Los Angeles personal trainer isn’t a mind reader, but they have enough experience and expertise to match you with a workout program you love doing to help keep you motivated and reaching toward your health and fitness goals.

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